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  • Hair: Irresistible Longing
  • Forehead: Blessing/Friendship
  • Eyelid: Adoration
  • Ear: Temptation
  • The Bridge of Nose: Treasuring
  • Cheek: Dear/Kindness/Satisfaction
  • Lips: Love
  • Throat: Desire
  • Nape: Deep Attachment
  • Back: Confirmation
  • Chest: Possession
  • Arm:

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My muse will grow cat ears and a tail and adopt the mannerisms of a cat/kitten for the entirety of a thread!


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Mix of fluff, angst, and NSFW.


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Send “Be my King/Queen” for my character’s reaction.

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And eyebrow rose in curiosity at her answer. He knew what game she was playing with him; although she was losing terribly. His attention was grabbed from the start, and she continued to tempt it with her question.
image ”They call me Graverobber.” He stepped around her, now facing her. “Or Robin Graves as a joke, really.”

Even though he moved so she could see him she turned her head a bit away from him as to not look at him directly. “Oh. I see.” She wondered if he had a clue who she was. The MoonLighters were still a new gang but a growing power. Nadia had already had her favorites too.

"What do you want?" She was somewhat used to running into creeps like him but this one seemed different. Like he was playing a different game.



Good. He didn’t notice her trick. Perhaps she could take advantage of him and ask why he was interested in her. “Ivan…why’d you take me to your room if you wanted to do nothing with me?” It must be a weird reason because it didn’t make any sense to her.

He frowned and looked down at his vodka bottle, “I just wanted to talk to someone who didn’t want to get in my pants. Is it to much to ask for a simple conversation away from girls who give you their underwear?”

"Well couldn’t you have done that just about anywhere else but here?" Nadia was certain that’s what he wanted. "It was kinda intimidating being alone with you in your room. I didn’t know what you were going to do. And you said it was all up to me. It was freaking me out." Nadia admitted to him.



Nadia was slightly out of breath when they stopped to take a break. Her hands were still holding his across the table. “This was such a fun idea Ivan! Thanks for taking me out!” She said with a cheery smile.

He nodded and ordered them both waters, “I enjoy dancing a lot. I used to dance all the time.”

"Really? What kind of dancing?" Nadia liked learning more about him and now that they were having a break perhaps she could.


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